About Me: The Jukes on You

Hello Derby Fans!!
I'm The Jukes on You. A lover of all things derby and a jammer by trade. I began my roller derby experience in 2012, in the great state of Washington, and since then have skated with teams in North Carolina, Missouri and New Jersey. Up there with my love of roller derby is my love of travel. As a kid I lived in five states and 2 countries.
So WHAT IS THE JOY ADVENTURES? Over the years I’ve realized that derby humans are amazingly open to other derby humans and everywhere I go I feel like I have an immediate community. So I've decided to make meeting new derby peeps my life...
That's right folks. I've QUIT MY JOB, converted a school bus into an RV, and am now about to travel to ALL 50 STATES in the good ole USA, with a goal of skating with one team in every state. I want to meet as many derby humans as I can while also spreading some JOY and share with the world the wonderful sport of roller derby. While I am at it, I will also be updating the List of Teams on the www.derbylisting.com website.
The added bonus is seeing all that the American landscape has to offer. My Journey begins in New Jersey Spring of 2020. From there I will be making my way around New England, then conquering the northern United States. I can't freakin' wait. Can I skate with your team when I reach your state?


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  • You know I’ve always got you a quiet spot when you come back. Chicken fried

    • Hawk Ridge Lodge
  • Hey, Twin Cities Roller Derby in Minneapolis, MN would be happy to have you. Hit us up when you swing through!

    • Chris York
  • I’m sure you will be welcome to join any number of Chicago teams on your way through! We have quite a few. ;)

    • Moxie Roxxtar
  • This is so cool, Jukes! I’m really excited for your adventures!

    • Jen Baker
  • I hope you’ll swing by Madison Roller Derby in Wisconsin! Please reach out if you are headed our way.

    • Conan the Librarian